How to find out if you are bisexual

It is perfectly normal to question your sexuality, especially as you get older. Sometimes you will experience confusing thoughts and feeling, not knowing where you belong. Society, parents, and even media normally have two categorizations when it comes to sexuality; they hold that one can only be heterosexual or homosexual. To a lot of people who experience both, the narrow definition makes no sense and the fact that sexuality is not something that is freely discussed in the society makes it hard for bisexual to seek assistance from friends and relatives. Bisexual is basically a situation where one is attracted to both sexes. To some it is something they are pretty aware of but others the feelings confuse, they do not know what is happening to their body. Luckily, there is a way you can tell whether you are bisexual. One tool that attempts to explain sexuality is Kinsey scale. … “How to find out if you are bisexual”

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