5 Must-Know Dating Tips for Bisexual Men and Women

On the surface, those who engage in bisexual dating may seem like they get access to the best of both dating spheres. Not only are they able to date both genders freely due to having a fluid and flexible sexual orientation, but they also get access to both the gay and straight communities. Although this sounds wonderful, unfortunately,  there is still a huge difference in dating people of different genders and at the end of the day no matter whom you are dating, there are additional challenges and stereotypes that bisexuals must address. With this said, for those who are finding their dating life to be difficult, we are going to list off some must-know bisexual dating advice that can help you through this exciting and scary time. You’re Not Obligated to Declare Your Sexual Orientation to Others: if you are truly nervous and anxious about what they will think … “5 Must-Know Dating Tips for Bisexual Men and Women”

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