How Do I Hook Up with Bisexual Couples?

Whether you are a woman seeking out bi-couples or a bisexual single male looking to try something new, the best way to find yourself a threesome is through bisexual dating sites. Why? In most cases, bi couples will want to keep their bisexual escapades confidential from their workmates and family, so they will use bisexual dating sites as a place to meet new people. To start your bisexual hook up smoothly, you are going to want to either select a bisexual dating site to sign up on or choose an online bisexual club to join. Heading onto the internet to start this journey is the easiest, most convenient, and effective method to find and meet bisexual couples for bi couples dating.

bi couples dating
bi couples dating

Choose a High-Quality Bisexual Dating Site.  

While there are hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to bisexual dating sites, there are only a few reputable and high-end ones that work effectively. With this said, you are going to have to do some research, read up on some bisexual dating sites reviews, and choose based on what features you want to take advantage of. A lot of high-quality bisexual dating sites will have features that protect your privacy, have advanced filtering options, and have security policies in place so that you are within a safe and welcoming community.

Create a Profile and View Bisexual Singles/Couples.

In order to find a suitable bisexual couple to hook up with, you will need to sign up for a bisexual dating site and create a profile. This will require you to show your personality, add in your interests and hobbies, choose some photographs to upload, and more than likely take a few quizzes for compatibility reasons. Make sure that when you create your profile, you explicitly state what you are interested in and who you are looking for. Understand that some people will have different demands and will be looking for different things, such as threesomes, full on bisexual relationships, and casual fun. To find your ideal bisexual couple, take your time viewing potential profiles.

Ask Out Bisexual Couples.  

Once you have viewed all potential profiles of those who you are interested in (keep in mind that this could take weeks to a few months depending on exactly what you are looking for), try messaging them to see if they are interested. You will need to talk about what your desires are, what your boundaries are, and what they are interested in. If the initial conversation goes smoothly, ask them out and make sure to meet in a public place.

Make Sure You Understand Your Bi Couples Behavior.  

Once you’ve met your bisexual couple in person, make sure to observe how they interact with one another. You want to find a couple who are in a stable and healthy relationship with one another because if they lack chemistry or mutual respect, it could backfire on you. This can play out in arguments, insecurities, or jealous fits; ultimately causing you to have a bad experience.

Are There Other Options Available for Meeting Bisexual Couples?

Yes, there are! You could use a bisexual dating application that would give you quick access to your dating profile, or you could join bisexual groups on social media websites or online forums. Other than this, there are events within the LGBT community that you can attend or use popular spots via MeetUp. It is quite common to meet bisexual couples in gay bars, at swinger’s clubs, or at LGBT community meetups.

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