Bi Couples Dating Must-Sees and Advise

The Joy of Bi Couples Dating

The experience is exhilarating and unless one has the opportunity to explore the fun in hanging out with a couple, it cannot be justified in words. Before you decide to use Bi Couples to find a couple for threesome dating and explore your bisexual character, there are some dos and don’ts you need to know when dating two people together.
Besides, there are plenty of amazing things that can be done by three people together. The common venues to hangout would be movie theaters, beaches, bowling alleys, and pubs. However, you can spice things up and hit the dance floor or try a wide range of stuff based on the mutual interest of the bi couple.

Bi Couples Dating – Must-See Places

Do Adventure Activities – If you and the bi couple you are dating love adventure games like Karting, amusement parks or wild ride, consider going on a day-out filled with adventure activities of all sorts.

Enjoy a double date – The joy of dating on Bi Couples is all about allowing yourself and your partner to enjoy their bisexual side. Consider dating a couple with your own boyfriend or girlfriend. The plan can also involve gay and lesbian couples so that they can give the other gender a try to see how well they like it.

Spice up with a game – Play a sexy game like strip poker or truth or dare. All these things when done together with a couple will make the evening more interesting and will obviously lead to more fun.


  • Make sure to discuss the places you are going to visit before the bi couples dating plan is initiated.
  • Discuss things like how intimate you can be with one of them to avoid jealousy and surprise factor.
  • Always choose a safe place or invite them to your home only if you have your partner or friends nearby.


  • Never assume things when dealing with a couple because approaching one of them sexually could strain their relationship.
  • Talk to them about your bisexual tendencies and make sure they are dating you with the same motive.
  • Spend more time in movies, drinks, and activities before it leads to steamy sessions as it helps develop intimacy.

Bi Couples Dating – Plan it on BiCouples

Bi Couples is the best place made for bicurious and bisexual people. With over 40k active users and 1 million subscribers, it is easy to find those interested in couples dating so that you can hang out with them. The ease of being able to find them on iOS and Android apps allow you to date new couples every month or so while exploring your curiosity with the same gender or voracious bi couple dating experiences.

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