How To Tell If You Are A Male Bisexual

Recognizing oneself as a bisexual male is one of the biggest and probably the hardest dilemmas one can face with regards to sexuality issues. Luckily for some people, connecting the dots and figuring out sexualities are a lot easier with some deeper introspection.

How To Tell If You Are A Male Bisexual
How To Tell If You Are A Male Bisexual

But fortunately for us, some deeper introspection combined with a nice stranger on the internet potentially connecting some dots can make figuring out sexualities a bit more manageable. The truth about this is that if the mainstream media is literally ignoring the reality of bisexuality, there is really a problem when it comes to people admitting that they are indeed bisexuals.

If you are getting confused about your sexuality, here are some signs that may suggest that you are indeed a bisexual male.

One of the most obvious signs of being a male bisexual is your attraction to both genders no matter who you are in a relationship with at present. If you have been to bisexual dating sites and you unconsciously start browsing the profiles of male members looking for partners, you are bisexual. Even if you are in a relationship with a woman but you are still attracted to men, you are probably bisexual. Similarly, if you are attracted to both genders but you want to have a priority relationship with either of the two, you are definitely bisexual.

Another telltale sign of being a bisexual is if you have experienced hooking up with someone of the same gender and you have this gut feeling that you want to do it again because you liked it. This is not just about drunken hookups or casual meetings with bi male singers from bi couple dating sites you recently visited. Although it can be attributed to curiosity, it becomes all different when you are starting to love it and want to do it over again.

If you meet someone who is of the same gender and are getting absolutely intimate with and feel compelled to start a relationship with, this is pretty evident of your male bisexuality. This becomes stronger particularly if you are in a current relationship with a female. However, if you are not quite sure about your attraction to another male and do not have the propensity to do it again, you are probably not a bisexual male, just bi-curious.

There are lots of bisexual dating sites on the internet today, both for bisexual males and bisexual females. You may want to spark your curiosity by visiting one of them and see if you really enjoy the thought of being one.

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