How to find out if you’re bisexual

It is perfectly normal to question your sexuality, especially as you get older. Sometimes you will experience confusing thoughts and feeling, not knowing where you belong. Society, parents, and even media normally have two categorizations when it comes to sexuality; they hold that one can only be heterosexual or homosexual. To a lot of people who experience both, the narrow definition makes no sense and the fact that sexuality is not something that is freely discussed in the society makes it hard for bisexual to seek assistance from friends and relatives.  Bisexual is basically a situation where one is attracted to both sexes. To some, it is something they are pretty aware of but others the feelings confuse, they do not know what is happening to their body. Luckily, there is a way you can tell whether you are bisexual.

How to find out if you're bisexual
How to find out if you’re bisexual

One tool that attempts to explain sexuality is the Kinsey scale. For the starters, this tool explains sexuality as a continuum between heterosexuality and homosexuality. In the scale, heterosexual are at 0, homosexual at 6 and bisexual fall between 1 to 5. Those who fall at 1 or 2 experience sexual and affectionate desires but also are attracted to same-sex partners. At 3, there is an equal attraction to both sexes while those who fall at 4 and 5 choose same-sex partners but are not fully homosexual, they still exhibit heterosexual tendencies.

For those who are not sure about where they fall in Kinsey scale, here are some behavior that when closely observed can tell you where you belong.

Genuine feelings of wanting to hook up with a member of the opposite sex

You know you like being around members of the opposite sex; are attracted to them and are also intimate. However, you have genuine feelings where you would like to hang out with a person from the same sex. You are always admiring a boy or a girl, thinking about how handsome and pretty one is and even going to a point where you fantasize how it would be if you kissed, touched and even got intimate. If these thoughts preoccupy your mind most of the times, chances are that you are bisexual.

You do not need to be worried especially when these fantasies fill your thoughts; it is just a rediscovery of your sexual orientation. If you find that these fantasies are leading you to a path where you would like to be intimate with a person of the same sex, do not ignore, face it and deal with it. One place to start is a bisexual dating site; here you will get people who are like you. Bi couple dating can help discover yourself and help you enjoy life just like the homosexuals and heterosexuals.

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